Saturday, April 20, 2013

Playing Through

This week has seemed to stretch on far longer than several of its immediate predecessors.  Forgive me but I am more than a bit fried.  My timing perhaps is apropos.  Today is 420 Day after all.  I know not what the students at CU-Boulder will do - if anything at all - to celebrate the occasion.  Last year the University's administration spent over a quarter of a million dollars to suppress the student body's celebration of this "holiday".  Given that this year it falls on a Saturday it is unclear exactly what lengths CU shall go to to quell it.  

It would be wonderful at this point I suppose for me to be able to interject some yarn about "back in my day in Boulder" with regard to this seemingly annual event.  Truth be told I have no recollection of it whatsoever. It is possible, albeit unlikely, that my absence of said recollection is a by-product of having smoked too much pot while I was a CU student.  It is more likely (he says with an air of cautious optimism) that it is an event whose origins on campus post-date the four years I spent there.  

Inasmuch as the State of Colorado has now legalized the smoking of marijuana - to a degree anyway - one might wonder just what all of the fuss is about.  Although Colorado's voters passed Amendment 64 in November, they did not loosen the bounds of restraint entirely.  Smoking marijuana in public in Colorado remains illegal.  Similarly, rolling a fatty if one is under the age of twenty-one is also frowned upon in this establishment

Candidly, the way in which this week unfolded makes the thought of spending a bit of quality time today chilling on Farrand Field a fairly pleasant one.  On the other hand it does seem to be one hell of a long way to travel just to work up an appetite for brownies.   

Alas, it appears as if the progeny of Carl Spackler shall have to soldier on without me yet again this year....

....and I suspect they will be just fine.


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