Monday, April 1, 2013

For This I Wish....

Today is Rob's birthday.  He is - and shall always be - one-third of the best reason for living a man could hope to have.  He, Suzanne and Margaret saved my life all those years ago.  Of that there can be no doubt.   

The occasion of his birthday finds him established and well on his way to building a remarkable life for himself.  While his mother wishes it was a life closer than two time zones away, any geographically-related angst she might experience is not only tempered by her enthusiasm for the life he is living - it is completely subsumed by it.  

Rob is a young man who grew up smart - aided in no small part by his status as his mother's son.  He has heeded the words of the Poet Laureate of Freehold.  He has indeed found "a good companion for this part of the ride".   That is, in fact, more than a bit of an understatement.  In Jess, he has found an excellent one.   As has she.  

As a son whose relationship with my father had grown decidedly frosty by the time of his death when I was fourteen, I have spent a fair amount of time these past twenty years trying hard to walk the line between imparting to Rob the valuable lessons I learned from Dad while not repeating the mistakes that he made.  Truth be told, the entire time he was growing up I had little idea how successful or not I was in that endeavor.  Now that he is an adult, making his own way in the world, building a career, a family and a life, I breathe with a bit less anxiety.  He appears to have come through the whole experience relatively unscathed. Considering the obstacle I presented, his achievement of that goal is one worth applauding.

An amazing young man, my son.  A young man deserving of every happiness today and every day.  Today is simply the day on which happiness is accompanied by a balloon, a card and a cake.   And my wish for him, which remains inviolate year in and year out (and day in and day out for that matter) is that he continues to pursue peace and to choose happiness.   A world in which one can find peace is a world worth celebrating - especially on one's birthday.

Happy Birthday Rob.  Much luck and much love to you, Jess and Tillie.  Keep wishing big....

....and remember that you still have so much to go through.



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