Sunday, March 10, 2013

Watching Margarita Do Her Neck Twists

Last night the Missus and I did something that I had not done since I was a little boy.  We went to the circus.  The Big Apple Circus has taken up residence at the baseball stadium where the Somerset Patriots play in Bridgewater through next weekend.   My only other circus-going experience was a lifetime ago.  As memory serves Kara called into either WABC or WNBC AM and won four tickets for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.   On Thanksgiving night.  At the Nassau Coliseum.  
It was as I recall one of only two Thanksgivings I recall as a child that we did not  spend at our own home - the other being the year we went down the Shore to spend Thanksgiving with Uncle Chief and Irma, to whom he got married after Aunt Ann died.  For the Kennys to turn Thanksgiving into a road show, it meant something big had to have happened....or a poor unsuspecting young girl had to have picked the worst-ever prize in the history of AM radio to have called in and won.   
Truth be told I could have easily lived the rest of my life without setting foot 'neath another big top without having regretted it for a moment.  The impetus to become circus folks for the evening came - as most of the good ideas in our family do - from Margaret.  And while at first I had my trepidations about it - a Thanksgiving night in a half-empty arena in Long Island leaves a stink that takes a long time to wash off of a man - I am happy that she prevailed.  The whole show lasted two hours - more or less - from start to finish and occurred under one tent.  Considering that there were only sixteen rows of seats all the way around the ring there was neither a bad one in the joint nor one from which you did not feel immersed in the action. 
Wild Billy has a circus story.  Now, thanks to Margaret, so do I....

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