Saturday, March 16, 2013

Thinking in Terms of Bridges Burned

Tonight in Madison Square Garden the final "real" champion of the Big East Men's Basketball Tournament shall be crowned.  To be sure, next year at this time there shall be a basketball tournament bearing the same name - and including in its field several of the same teams - shall be contested in the very same arena.  It shall not be the same thing.  Regardless of whatever it becomes, it shall never be the same.
I was in grammar school when schools scattered all over the northeastern United States decided to get together and form a basketball conference.  Out of nothing but their grit, a great basketball league was grown.  A basketball league that in 1985 produced three of the four teams in the Final Four and whose two great rivals, Georgetown and Villanova, played a title game for all-time.  And now it is gone.  Grit succumbed to greed.  Something that once seemed as if it might last forever failed to live long enough to celebrate its 35th birthday. 
Cut down the nets.  Sweep away the confetti.  Kill the lights.  Fade to black....
....the famous final scene.  Played out in the "World's Most Famous Arena".  

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