Saturday, March 2, 2013

The View From 'Neath The Harvest Moon

This time last month we were getting ready to head off to Florida on vacation.  I am still trying to figure out where the time has gone since we returned.   It seems as if every work day since I returned to the office has been at least fourteen hours long -  and has required me to spend more time than not out of the office at one appearance or another.  Meanwhile the Missus has been burning the candle at both ends - doing her full-time work gig while handling her other full-time gig, which is preparing for our pending move from our home to her childhood home.  Not a lot of down time in our world these days.  Not a lot of sleep time either.
I was reminded the other evening driving home from work of just how extraordinary my wife is and how hard she works just to overcome the anchor to whom she is married.  I was half-listening to the radio while sitting in traffic when I heard a lyric that caught my ear....
                          Somewhere down on the sand                          
I heard the lyric, recognized the song from whence it came and smiled.  That is the plan after all for the Missus and me:  a move to the beach.  Not this year.  Probably not next year either.  But soon thereafter.  There is work to do to get us there.  Everything comes at a price.  Freedom is not free....
....but it is worth every penny.

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