Friday, March 15, 2013

The Ides Have It....

Today is the day the Oracle warned us about.  Well not you and me per se but he did offer a bit of advice to a certain Roman emperor.  President Obama is lucky.  Worst thing likely to happen to him if he visits the Senate is his ears bleeding - and that is less of a concern now that Rand Paul has stopped his filibuster.  In the days of Julius Caesar, blood loss was far more significant.

The good people of Rome learned a lot on that March day way back when.  Caesar learned that a toga offers no practical protection to the sharpened knife blade of a skilled, driven assassin.  And Brutus?  Brutus learned that you can get sliced to ribbons by someone who is carrying no weapon whatsoever

Modern lessons from ancient times.  Hmm.  Go figure..... careful out there. 


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