Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Epitome of Sound and Fury

The Missus and I watched 60 Minutes on Sunday night.  Truth be told, had a "Big Bang Theory" repeat been on somewhere, we likely would have watched it.  Alas, there was not one to be found so we went (for us) highbrow.   I used to watch 60 Minutes with much greater frequency before Andy Rooney died.  I simply enjoyed the hell out of that cantankerous old man.  I was reminded of his absence on Sunday night when the hosts did their traditional roll call at the beginning of the hour and Scott Pelley did not wrap it up by saying, "Those stories and Andy Rooney tonight on 60 Minutes."  The need for the conjunction lives no more.  Bummer.

Among the pieces that made up Sunday night's broadcast was a profile of a fella named Jack Dorsey.  As most of the world likely knew well in advance of Sunday and as I was intrigued to learn, Dorsey is the man who created Twitter.  Lara Logan's profile of him was - to my eyes and ears - quite interesting.  By the end of the piece he had sold me on the fact that my notion of Twitter - what it is and how absurdly silly an inane it  is - was radically disconnected from its reality.  

His sales pitch was so smooth and so effective that before I went to bed Sunday night I had downloaded the free Twitter app on my smartphone and had created my very own Twitter account.  If you are expecting one hundred forty character updates on breakfast menus and bowel movements then you shall be profoundly disappointed.  Other than posting the link to this daily silliness on it, I foresee scant little tweeting in my future - either short-term or long-term.   Feel free to check it out if you wish to do so.  As of right now, I am a Twitter force akin to Tim Pawlenty during the latest go-round of Republican Presidential primaries:  I have no followers.

Truth be told that I have so little idea of how the hell the technology works that my Twitter username is "@adamkenny89".  Why?  Because when I signed onto it through my phone that was what popped up as my username.  I have no idea how or if you can change it.  If I possessed the intellectual curiosity with which Mother Nature imbued the amoeba I would attempt to learn the answer to that question.  I do not. Thus I shall not.

Or perhaps I will....right after I learn what all the goddamn hashtags are supposed to mean.


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