Monday, March 25, 2013

The Comeback Kids

This summer promises to be an interesting and a trying one for folks who live and work at the Jersey Shore.  Memorial Day is two months away and the good people of Monmouth County and Ocean County still have much distance to cover on recovery's road. 
Saturday the Missus and I took a ride to Manasquan to see our good friend Lynne - who has lived through the carnage that Sandy carried with her - and to take part in the 10th annual Manasquan Mid-Winter Beach Run.  For the first time ever the "beach run" course did not include the beach.  Sandy saw to that.  On our way down to Lynne's, Margaret and I drove all the way down Main Street to First Avenue, which we then took all the way south to the Inlet.  I contemplated taking photos of what we were looking at but decided against doing so.  The thought of doing so seemed inappropriate - if not voyeuristic.  Even without the photos, the images we saw shall remain in our mind's eyes for the foreseeable future.
As shall the images we saw all day on Saturday in 'Squan.  Neither the number of runners in the race nor the number of those celebrating at Leggett's post-race equaled past years.  Yet while our numbers were less, our spirits were high.  It was a day celebrating not only a new beginning but also the resiliency of the Shore and the people who call it home. 

Jersey Strong....

....because that is how we roll.  As if there was ever any doubt.


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