Saturday, March 23, 2013

That Which She Could Not Kill

The Missus and I shall spend a considerable portion of Spring's first Saturday in Manasquan, which is one of our favorite places....and if all goes according to Hoyle our not-too-distant future home.   Hurricane Sandy's Wrecking Ball tour of the Jersey Shore was sufficient to cause the Mid-Winter Beach Run, which is a Manasquan staple, to be rescheduled (it is approximately five weeks later than usual this year) and rerouted (in an homage to Willie the Shakes this year's course does not include the beach).  But try as she might, Sandy could not kill it.  

Today - in spite of Sandy's best efforts - the show shall indeed go on.   If the weather forecast is to be believed it is supposed to be in the mid-thirties at race time this morning with nary a cloud in the skies above 'Squan.  All in all, a hell of a nice day for a hell of a worthwhile event.   This race is my first since I converted the Central Park Marathon into the Central Park 20 Miler one month ago.  I would like to think that my testicles have descended sufficiently to provide me the fortitude necessary to cover at least 77% of this event's stated distance....  

After all, it is only a two-mile run. 


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