Friday, March 1, 2013

Spirit of the Radio

February ended on a very good note for me.   My drive home from the office last evening was nothing short of a pleasure.  And that was in spite of the fact that traffic was its typically onerous self.  And that was in spite of the fact that my head was - as it often is at day's end - paying homage to Mighty Max Weinberg. 
What made last night's trek home so wonderful was what I listened to while weaving and wending my way south on 287.  I was in the car long enough to hear the entire interview that Mike Francesca conducted with Andy Pettitte of the Yankees.  The pair spent an extended period of time talking about Pettitte's career in pinstripes and - what I found especially interesting - Pettitte's family and his involvement in the high school baseball careers of two of his sons.  It was quite an excellent listen.   Check it out for yourself
On February's final day and on an evening in which Spring was more than simply hinted out by the ever-lengthening afternoon and the forty-plus degree temperatures, listening to Pettitte speak not only amped up my excitement level for the season ahead but it also reminded me of all the afternoons and evenings of seasons past.  It reminded me of all of the baseball that I have watched and that I have listened to with Rob - who came to baseball-appreciating age just as Pettitte was beginning his Yankees career. 
I smiled all the way home. 

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