Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shoes and Feats

Today marks one week since my great flame out at the Central Park Marathon.  As has been my custom each of the past two years I took this past week off (from running) to allow my legs time to get a bit of rest and relaxation.  Even when you run 77% of a marathon as opposed to the actual race distance your legs need a bit of post-race TLC.

This morning I shall do something I love to do:  go for a run.  I have no set course or pre-determined amount of mileage.  I am just going to head out and allow my legs and the macadam beneath them to take me wherever they are going to take me.  I neither own nor have access to a WABAC machine.  I have no ability to undo what has been done or to do "better" that which I previously failed to do. Perhaps it is better that I do not have Profsssor Peabody's pride and joy at my disposal.

Life is a forward-lived experience after all....

....and at least I got shoes.


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