Monday, March 11, 2013

Saving Daylight....

A terrific couple of weather days this weekend here 'NTSG.   On Saturday I went for a nice tempo run of five-plus miles.   Very pleased that I turned them at an 8:30 clip.   For Emma Coburn that is a time akin to running on one's knuckles.  For me it is pretty damn fast. 
Better than the time that I ran was the time of day in which I did so.  Having spent Saturday morning at the office and the early part of the afternoon at the A&P, I did not head out on my run until mid-afternoon.   There is no nicer sight to see than the effect of the sun's warmth on an early March Saturday on children.   Kids were out in force all over town on Saturday afternoon.  I ran past cylists, in-line skaters, basketballers and kids just out and about walking with their friends, their dogs or both.  A lot of happy chatter in the air.  Wonderful to hear. 
'Round here it has felt as if winter arrived especially early this year.  Sandy's invasion at the end of October plunged many of us in the State of Concrete Gardens (and our neighors across the Hudson) into a state of darkness.  Several months removed from that catastrophe there are many who remain without life's basic necessities.  
Yet they remain resolute.  They remain hopeful.  It has been said that hope springs eternal.  And the well from which it springs?  I know not the answer to that question.  It would not surprise me to learn that - at least in part - it springs from warm, beautiful days such as those we have been fortunate enough to have in these parts recently.  For those days serve to remind us all that even when the night is at its blackest, dawn is on its way.  Where there is light there is hope.... extra hour of hope has arrived just in time.

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