Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rod and Unreel Men

So let me see if I get this.  A week ago Sunday former NBA player and all-around freak show Dennis Rodman was on "This Week" with the little Greek dude who used to work in the Clinton White House (and who is now married to the actress who played Shmoopie in Seinfeld) being lauded as if he was the newly appointed United States Ambassador to Asslandia.  

Rodman actually was on TV discussing his recent trip to North Korea.  I could have sworn that he told George (and by extension us) that the little zipperhead who now runs North Korea is a swell little chap who just wants to be our friend and perhaps President Obama's teammate in a game of geo-political two on two.  Imagine Mr. Rodman's surprise when his new snuggle buddy declared that sixty years after the Korean War ended, North Korea was declaring that the armistice it had agreed to with South Korea...the one the two nations signed sixty years ago.  

Fortunately Hong Kung Phooey is about as legitimate as Justin Bieber in the "global menace" department.  Or as legitimate as Dennis Rodman is in the field of international diplomacy.  For present purposes North Korea's arsenal is equal parts stick and stone.  

If that changes, Ambassador Rodman will be certain to tell us.  George is keeping his seat warm for him.


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