Friday, March 29, 2013

Naugahyde Divans Reasonably Priced

Today is a day of solemnity in the Roman Catholic faith.  Good Friday is the day on which - if you happen to be a fan of the RC version of the urban legend - Christ died.  As someone whose faith thermostat is permanently fixed on "agnostic", it is a day of which I am aware and a day in which I am not an active participant.  Feel free to wake me up for meals.  Oh wait, if memory serves fasting is for some reason a highlight of today's festivities.  If going without food makes a day a holiday, then there are people in sub-Saharan Africa for whom Good Friday has lasted for a generation or more. 

But I digress....

I presume that at some point today the newest wearer of the pointy hat, Pope Francis, will appear before the assemblage in Rome and offer words of wisdom.  Francis has enjoyed a honeymoon period since winning the gig upon Eggs' retirement at the end of February.  I know not whether that is due to (a) the quality of his character; (b) the colossal lowering of our expectations for what passes as evidence of quality of character; or (c) a combination of (a) and (b).  

Much has been written about him stopping at his hotel the day after his election as Pope to pick up his luggage and settle up his tab - not to mention his efforts to contact his newspaper deliveryman in his hometown in Argentina personally to cancel home delivery of his paper.  Far less has been written thus far about the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires' alleged unwillingness to act on behalf of Argentina's victims of its pedophile priests while he was in charge of the church there.  As long as he is a generous tipper; right?  

Anyway, while I am the man of little faith for whom those of you of a religious persuasion walk around shouting "Woe Ye!" at and I am wholly disconnected from the dual celebrations of Easter and Passover, I appreciate and respect the fact that many - including too many to count who are far smarter than I - are deeply invested in one or the other (if not both depending on the composition of one's family).  For all who are either observing the final few days of Passover or are preparing to celebrate the Easter weekend, I hope your observance brings you all that you hope for and more. 

Me?  I just hope the Cadbury Bunny leaves some solid milk chocolate eggs in my Easter basket.    You may have faith.  I have a sweet tooth.


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