Sunday, March 31, 2013

It All Begins Anew Once More....

Today is the last Sunday - until perhaps October's first Saturday - on which the Yankees will not be playing baseball in 2013.  One of the truly great events on the American sporting calendar has finally arrived:  Opening Day of the baseball season.  While the schedule makers have in their infinite wisdom structured the schedule in such a way that the Yankees shall wrap up their season on the road against their long-time rivals the Houston Astros (the answer to the trivia question, "Which team is the last one to pitch a no-hitter against the Yankees?"), they have at least given us an Opening Day matinee of some significance.  At 1:05 tomorrow afternoon at the big ballpark in the Bronx, the Yankees shall play host to the Boston Red Sox.  If the thought of Yankees vs. Red Sox on a crisp, cool early spring afternoon at Yankee Stadium as this season's greeting to the great American pastime is insufficient to get your blood pumping, then do me a great favor.  Gas up your Citroen.  Once it is fueled, drive it off a cliff while munching on your tofu burger and a strawberry rhubarb muffin.  Presently, you are taking up good oxygen that I would prefer be left available to my grandchildren to breathe someday.  

Baseball is not a sport that everyone enjoys.  That is something of which I am aware although I cannot for the life of me figure out how or why someone is or becomes an anti-baseball person.  Hell, I have a lawyer in   my office who is not only a baseball fan - he is a Pittsburgh Pirates fan.   Given that he is only in his late thirties, he rooted for Willie Stargell's 1979 World Series-winning Bucs from either the crib or the playpen.  He has spent most of his life being subjected to a historically bad baseball team.  And yet he loves them.  And he loves the game.  

In spite of my best efforts to the contrary, you likely will continue to spend your time as you see fit to spend it.  Years ago my wife and both of our children realized just how useless my advice was and stopped paying attention to me and it.  I can scarcely expect better from people with whom I have an essentially impersonal relationship.  However, you should make time - if not every day then more often than not - during baseball season to check out the good works and good words of the Mighty Quinn.   Q is a passionate, smart baseball fan.  Sure his rooting interest lies at the Fens rather than in the Bronx but his love of the game leaps off the page.  While I am of the opinion he should be a stop on your journey through Al Gore's creation every day, it should especially be so during baseball season.  Plus, given all the great trivia stuff about which he writes, you can pick up enough obscure factoid nuggets to generate actual buzz at the water cooler.  

Opening Day is upon us.  Before you know it, this season will have assumed its place in the history books.  Enjoy it while it is here.  For once a young girl blinks her eye the moment that you were living in is gone....



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