Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If Only It Was Make-Believe

If I had a nickel for everything that I hear of and/or read about on a day in, day out basis that is simply beyond my ability to comprehend....well let it suffice to say that I would be able to sleep through the alarm at least three days a week.   Sometimes the news that makes me scratch my head also makes me smile.  Sadly, not always.
For instance, a story featuring a man-eating home is something I would expect to see on the silver screen long before I would see it on the CBS Evening News.  Yet just last week it was prominently reported on the latter.  A man in Florida named Jeffrey Bush was in his bedroom last Thursday night when a sinkhole opened up beneath him.  The sinkhole, estimated to be at least twenty feet deep, took Mr. Bush and the contents of his bedroom down into it.    Rescue workers looked for Mr. Bush through Saturday - at which time the search was called off.  Officials have now demolished the home.   The word "tragic" does not even begin to do justice to what has befallen the Bush family. 
Truth is indeed often stranger than fiction.  It is nicer though when it carries a happy ending along with it than when it runs the course it has run here.

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