Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sixth Sense

On the down side, we have already reached the mid-point of our February Florida Fun Fest.  I will try to keep my self-absorbed weeping to a dull roar if you promise to do the same with your derisive snickers.  

On the up side, "6" has become a very significant number in our house.  And it has done so for all the right reasons.  Seven months from this very day is Suzanne and Ryan's wedding day.  Nine months to the day after Suzanne and Ryan get married is Jess and Rob's wedding day.   

If the need should arise, then feel free to take the fifth.  But leave the sixth alone.  In my house we have plans for it.   Really big plans....

....and they include neither Bruce Willis nor Haley Joel Osmont.   


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