Sunday, February 17, 2013

Seven Days Out....

Well, as happens each and every time I sign up to run in a marathon I have flat out run out of pre-race Sundays.  Today is the last of a proud and noble group.  This time next week I shall be running in Central Park in the first-ever Central Park Marathon.   On my "to-do" list this week is to check with my inside person at MOMA, Karan Rinaldo, as to whether she can get anyone to staff the "Everclear and Advil" Aid Station I would like them to erect for me next to the museum on the 24th.  The race course features five loops of the park, which will take me past MOMA five times.  I figure that to be safe on at least three - if not four - of those passes I shall be in need of ("cough cough") medical attention.  

Today I am embarking on my final long training run, which truth be told I was supposed to have completed two Sundays ago.  Vacation being what it was I kinda, sorta reset my schedule on the fly.  I am going to run twenty miles today and then take it easy during this week - maybe one or two jaunts on the treadmill of 4 miles or so - in an effort to have my legs be as fresh as they can be for Marathon Sunday.  While in a perfectly adhered to training schedule world today's "final" long run would be only eight miles, I am banking on the fact that my ability to put a lot of mileage on my legs while we were in Florida (slightly more than 36) will give me the reservoir from which I can not only draw today to complete my longer-than-planned final training run but also next Sunday.  

Seven weeks down.  One week left.


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