Friday, February 1, 2013

Pulling Down Winter's Hazy Shade

The shortest month of the year kicks off today.  February is so darn popular that once every four years we permit it to tack on a 29th day.  And upon doing so we remember that no one in their right mind actually wants one MORE day of we eliminate Sadie Hawkins Day from the calendar for the following three years.  

Today is the first work day of the month and - for me anyway - the last work day of the month until a week from Monday.  The Missus, Joe and I are off to Florida for a week's worth of rest and relaxation.   Me going away from a week permits my assistant Lucia an opportunity to catch her breath too.  Life is a tad easier for her when I am somewhere other than at work.  

I am determined to not jinx us by talking too much about the weather that is supposed to be waiting for us in Florida but based upon what I have seen so far, it very well may have a rather delightfully boring consistency to it:  sunny and in the 70's.   Not a bad way to spend February's first week.   May very well make returning home to the State of Concrete Gardens for February's second week a real kick in the face but as the late, great Edward Kennedy was never fond of saying, "We shall drive off of that bridge when we come to it." 


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