Sunday, February 24, 2013

New York Minutes

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor a transit strike shall keep me today from my appointed rounds.  Five of them in fact.  This morning at or about 8:30 I shall participate in the first-ever Central Park Marathon.   Margaret - for whom the term "long-suffering" was coined shall accompany me.  Her presence on site ensures timely notification shall be provided to next of kin.  One can never be too careful.   It also ensures that she can spend the morning at a place she has wanted to see for some time:  the Central Park Zoo. 
When I view the race course on the map, completing the race in the 5 hours and 15 minutes alloted by its organizers seems hardly difficult at all.  The challenge increases in direct relationship to the scale utilized.  This shall mark my third effort at this distance.  I certainly cannot envision the scenario in which (barring an emergent situation such as I was lost in the woods MORE THAN 26.2 miles from help) I will ever attempt to run a distance longer than this one.  Not at one time certainly. 
Each of the past two years I have completed the New Jersey Marathon and been confronted with the same thought, which is that this distance might be more than my body can handle.  By jumping into the training stream at Week Eight I shortened my training time by 50%.  I put a lot of miles on my legs during the past eight weeks.  My hope is that by not subjecting them to sixteen weeks of marathon training, I have better prepared them for today.  Check back with me 'round dusk to see whether in fact reality met expectation.
If you are in Manhattan today and in or about Central Park keep an eye out for me.  I am Bib #15.  You might see me striding past you as you prepare to enter the Metropolitan Museum of Art or as you are sipping hot cocoa after enjoying a skate on Woolman Rink.  There is a small chance that you might see me curled up in a small ball weeping softly in The Ramble.  If it is the latter then please go to the Finish area and tell Margaret where she can find me.  I do not want her wandering around Central Park by herself trying to locate me - especially given how early the sun sets this time of year.
Because today in New York for me at least....
....every minute counts.


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