Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hopeful Springs and Howling Winds

From the "Hope You Had a Back-Up Plan Department":  If you had signed up to be a contestant/participant on the new CBS "reality" series, "The Job" in the hopes of scoring your dream gig, then here is to hoping that Plan B works out better for you than did Plan A.  CBS has already pulled the plug on the show.  Apparently, in spite of the countless scores of people in these United States who are unemployed, no one tuned in to watch a show in which several too precious to be real candidates competed for his/her "dream job".  

On a positive note - if your interests run towards an entirely different type of job (or simply to rubbing some sticks and stones together to make the sparks ignite) there are a number of upscale, boutique hotels in New York City in which you can "lay" your head (or whatever body part you wish) during the work day at a deeply discounted rate.  Tuesday's New York Post reported on the successful marriage between a site known as and a number of Manhattan's trendier hotels and how people have used the two of them to - well - step out perhaps on their own spouse or significant other.   Adultery on a budget.  Only in America.  

As someone whose tolerance for winter and loathing of all forms of frozen precipitation is well-documented, I smiled this morning at the realization that twenty-eight days from this very date marks the arrival of one of the Equinox cousins.  Vernal shall be here to grace those of us who reside in the Northern Hemisphere as of 20 March 2013.  Thankfully this is not a leap year - when for reasons known only to members of the American Meteorological Society an additional day is added in February of all places ("Yea!  An additional day of cold shitty wintry weather!" said no one....ever) - so it is a twenty-eight sprint from this 20th to the important one.  

I am quite confident that we shall receive more than our fair share of winter in the interim.  Here in the State of Concrete Gardens it is supposed to be as cold as witch's fandango today and I might in fact have to run between either raindrops or snow flurries through Central Park on Sunday morning.  That being said, there is indeed a light at tunnel's end.  We have ground to cover but with purposeful strides we shall get there.  

Spring will soon be here....

....and not a moment too soon.


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