Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fever Pitched

Each and every time I see an elected official from Texas in action I think the same thing to myself:  the collective I.Q. of that state is going to drop precipitously if and when Ryan and Suzanne migrate eastward back to the State of Concrete Gardens.  
Last night it was duly elected asshat Steven Stockman, a House member (and to my chagrin but not surprise a member of the GOP) who took top honors.  Stockman invited "Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent to attend the State of the Union address.   Nugent's greatest contribution to the adult-level political discourse in this Republic is simply this:  the more that people associate him with his politics, the less they pay attention to his over-hyped and under-talented previous iteration as a rock and roller.  
Congratulations to Congressman Stockman for figuring out a way to jump-start his fifteen minutes of fame.  Here is to hoping that his timer and Nugent's ring simultaneously. 
Actually what I hope for most of all, which I doubt will occur, is that members of the GOP (save for the empty-headed space fillers such as Stockman who has proven he knows not the difference between "importance" and "impotence") finally wake up.  I want them to finally give up chasing the loudest sound and the shiniest toy as if they have been called to do so by some 21st Century incarnation of "Manifest Destiny".  I want them to go back to basics:  focus on those things that are important, regardless of whether they command six-inch, bold-type headlines.  Methinks that when they do they will be surprised to re-discover that they are doing work that benefits not only the GOP but the USA. 
Until then they will wander around the hinterland looking in vain for a remedy for Cat Scratch Fever....

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