Thursday, February 7, 2013

Change of Pace Day

Today is a "change of pace" day here in the warm Florida sun.  This week has been incredibly relaxing.  When we were last here in December 2011 there were a number of things that we wanted to see and to check out, which we did.  We saw a lot, did a lot and had a terrific time.  

This week, we came south with limited items on the docket.  This week was more about recharging than hard-charging.  It is a plan to which we have adhered.   Other than spending the day with Mom in Jupiter, which was a day for her youngest son to treasure, it has been a week spent in lounging mode.  

Not today.  Today Margaret and I had hoped to bring together two great forces of Nature:  Joe and Shamu.    However, as I learned when I was in my office last week buying the tickets for the Sea World trip, Shamu lives in San Diego.  I suppose if I only paid more attention to Shamu's "Tweets" I would have known that already.  Live and learn.  And I will always have the "Shamu-Cam".   That will have to be enough.  

....well that and the Asian-small-clawed-otters.  Cute little devils, right?  


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