Thursday, February 14, 2013

....because she has never looked for a sweet-talkin' Romeo

Today is Hallmark's favorite day:  Valentine's Day.  While there is no truth to the rumor that in a certain Pennsylvania the town fathers drag Cupid out of his hole by his ever-loving diaper pin and if he sees his own shadow, then six more weeks of Lifetime Movies of the Week shall be filmed in said hamlet during that particular calendar year, it is "the day" on the calendar of romance. 
If you are - as I am - particularly inept in articulating your feelings in this area then perhaps you have - as I have - turned to music to do it for you.  A number of years ago, Mr. Springsteen wrote and recorded a song, "Tougher than the Rest", which was included on the Tunnel of Love collection.  It was - and remains - one of my favorite Springsteen songs.  I view it thusly because it is a song written by a grown-up in which he expresses his very real feelings for another grown-up.  It contains not an ounce of mush.  Yet it is chock full of power and emotion.  The kind of power and emotion that were I capable of expressing it directly, I would not have had to cheat and drop the link to a simply gorgeous version of Springsteen singing this song at the end of this piece.  
Happy Valentine's Day to my long-suffering and eternally optimistic bride to whom I am forever grateful for not giving up on me and taking up the search for her very own sweet-talkin' Romeo....

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