Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bags of Rosin & Spikes of Steel

One hell of a hectic week for one fella still experiencing a little bit of a vacation hangover.  The joy of litigation work is that occasionally I have a week in which I have exactly zero appearances outside of the office.  Then I have a week like this one.  I might have actually spent more time in the office last week than I did this one....and last week I spent forty percent of the week on vacation.  

This week has reminded me that not only does time fly when you are having fun but when you are busy as hell it sprints right past you as well.  This time next week is the first weekend of March.  Today is Opening Day - Grapefruit League style for the Yankees.   Today shall give those of us who root for the Pinstripe Boys our first look at two of the players the Yankees have opted to entrust the responsibility of playing catcher to this season - instead of Russell Martin.  While I applauded the dispatch of AJ Burnett to the Pirates two off-seasons ago this past winter's decision to allow Russell Martin to join him there caused me to scratch my head.  The itch has yet to go away either.  
With all due respect to Martin's potential replacements, among them is Francisco Cervelli, whose principal line of defense after being implicated in the latest "PED" scandal to infect professional baseball was to point to his career-long status as (at best) a mediocre player.  'Tis a thin, fuzzy line between the truth and self-deprecation.  Cervelli has one foot planted on each side of it. 
It has long been oberved that Spring is the season of hope.  Given that the official arrival of Winter's replacement will not be here for another three-plus weeks methinks that hope has never been shown to be dependent upon the equinox.  The season's end is more than one hundred sixty games and seven months away.  Right now in cities and towns all over Florida and Arizona assured and aspiring major leaguers are grabbing their gear and taking the first steps on the long journey to October.  For the overwhelming majority of them the season will end in disappointment. 
But that is a worry for another day.  Today is Opening Day.  Even if the games do not count in the standings, they are being played.  And for present purposes that is more than enough. 


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