Sunday, February 3, 2013

And I Gave It a Name....

[The after-the-fact name of this piece derives from the fact that I wrote it AND posted it without a name.  The fact that I had such a memory fart on my birthday is either coincidental or ironic.  I know not which.  I will leave it to you to decide.  As you shall see below, today I shall be otherwise engaged]

All I have ever wanted for my birthday is to spend the day in warm weather.  Well, it took forty-six years for that present to arrive.  Today it has.  Margaret, Joe and I are flying south this morning to spend a week in the  Florida sun.  It is a week that will feature me doing a whole lot of nothing, which considering how I spend most of my time is a most-welcome change of pace.  

If you have a rooting interest in today's Super Bowl then I hope the team for whom you are rooting (a/k/a "the team upon whom you placed your wager") comes through for you.  I am not a fan of either Baltimore or San Francisco so I care little who wins - although I suppose the presence of both a CU Buff (Jimmy Smith) and one of my all-time favorite Rutgers Scarlet Knights (Ray Rice) on the Ravens - not to mention their painfully frank and blunt, young, Jersey-grown quarterback Joe Flacco (whose statement earlier this week on the abject stupidity of playing a Super Bowl in Bergen County, New Jersey (save for his poor choice of the word 'retarded') was spot-on from my point of view) - has me rooting ever so slightly for Baltimore.  

Be grateful this fellow fancies hot dogs.  Otherwise, just think how f*cked we would all be with no chicken to be lickin'....

Are you ready for some football?


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