Monday, February 11, 2013

All Good Things

Our extended stay in Florida reaches its final full day today.  We originally were scheduled to fly home on Saturday.  Nemo had other ideas.  Happiness is not having to shovel snow dropped on one's doorstep by a winter storm, irrespective of the Disney-inspired name attached to it.  Happiness comes at a cost....and I am not referring to simply the cost of snow removal.  You think one spends three additional nights somewhere and drives a rental car for three additonal days without paying for that privilege?  In the words of the great American pop philosopher Jackson Browne, "Nobody rides for free.  Nobody."  He knew of which he sang.

This has been a tremendous trip for me (and I hope for Margaret and Joe too).  Most of the time has been spent doing a whole lot of nothing.  It has been just what the doctor ordered. And while I am confident that by day's end on Thursday it will feel as if I never left, I am equally confident that the memories of this trip shall last with me far, far longer than that.


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