Friday, February 22, 2013

A Long Walk Home

Today - one week short of marking four months since Hurricane Sandy roared ashore and obliterated their town - residents of Mantoloking, New Jersey are being permitted to move back into their homes.  Governor Christie has lifted the emergency evacuation order, which had been the final such order still in effect in New Jersey, that had been issued for Mantoloking due to Sandy.   

Mantoloking Mayor George Nebel was likely guilty of understatement, which is something that far too few elected officials ever approach, when he described today as a, "Big but bittersweet day for Mantoloking."   There are a number of his constituents for whom return - while permitted - is impossible.  They have nothing to which to return.  

But if one buys into the notion that where there is light there is hope and that from one or two sparks a fire can in fact be lit, then one is constrained to hold out hope for the good people of Mantoloking and the little beach town they love.  The journey on which they embark today is a long one.  It is one with an uncertain  outcome.  It is however one worth taking.  It is, of course, the journey that shall lead them home....


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