Monday, January 28, 2013

True Blue

Last week here in the State of Concrete Gardens we endured the coldest bit of winter that we had seen in these parts in at least five years.  It was a period of days when people wanted to weep over the fact that the days' high temperature was as absurdly low as it was but did not and the reason they did not was the realization that the tears they cried would freeze on their face.   

One might say that the weather last week 'round here was fit for neither man nor beast.  Yet both the former and the latter did what had to be done in continue to get through their day-to-day.  And some did even more than simply that. 

Last Tuesday morning - when the temperature was a balmy eight degrees or so - Clinton Township Police Sgt. Matt Wilson earned his place in the "above and beyond" group.  Sgt. Wilson responded to a call that a resident had placed to the Police Department regarding two lost dogs that had turned up on her property.   One was a German shepherd.  The other was a Great Dane.   However as the woman and another one of her friends who saw her with the dogs and helped her gather them up and bring them into her home to keep them warm were notifying authorities that they had found two beautiful and obviously lost dogs, the pair decided that the time had come to continue on their way.  They disappeared from the house.    

A search ensued to find them, which search became increasingly desperate given the almost-zero degree conditions and then turned more frantic still when the two dogs were located:  they had wandered into a partially frozen pond and fallen into the icy water.  Both animals tried their best to extricate themselves from the water but could not.  And when the realization hit them that they had walked themselves into a jam from which there appeared to be no way out, they lost hope.  One of  them - the German shepherd - had laid its head down on the ice as if it had accepted its fate.  

And then something extraordinary happened.  Actually, someone extraordinary happened.  Sgt. Wilson arrived on the scene.  Using a rope from his police car as a lasso he ventured out onto the ice and paying no attention when it gave way under him - put the lasso around the Great Dane to hoist it out of the pond and carried the German shepherd in his other arm - and led them both to safety.  A rescue that witnesses described as "miraculous" and "remarkable", Sgt. Wilson wrote up in his daily log as a "lost dogs" incident.  He then changed into dry clothes and completed his tour.  

Samuel Johnson wrote, "The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who does him absolutely no good."  On the Johnson scale, Sgt. Wilson comes up pretty damn big.  

All creatures great and small indeed....


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