Monday, January 21, 2013

There's a Darkness Upon Me That's Flooded in Light....

Today is the official observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday (we the people like it when a historical figure's gift to us is a three-day weekend).  It is much more than that as well.  Today is also Inauguration Day.  President Obama shall do what Presidents Bush and Clinton did immediately before him when he takes the oath to faithfully execute the Office of the President of the United States for a second time today.   Four years ago the exchange between the President and the Chief Justice of the United States (that is John Roberts for those of you devoted to "All Kardashian, All the Time") was a bit stiff.  Icy almost.  Whether time - and the Chief's authorship of the Court's majority opinion that declared "Obamacare" constitutional - has resulted to a "thaw" in their relationship is something I suppose we shall find out soon enough.
No person has ever been elected to the Presidency of the United States by 100% of the popular vote.  Has never happened.  It is impossible for me to envision a scenario under which such a result would occur.  Well, almost impossible.  I suppose if this little imp's name appeared on a ballot then all bets would indeed be off.  My point is simply this:  whether President Obama received your vote on the first Tuesday following November's first Monday matters not.  He is the President of the entire nation - Red State/Blue State, Me State/You State be damned.   Unless you want to follow the trail blazed by asshat Glenn Beck, you and I shall continue to do what we can to contribute to the continuing vitality of the Republic.  
My two favorite things about Beck's "vision".  First, the thought that any community that includes him could be defined as "Utopian".  Second, the fact that on his web site the promo for the television program hawking this concept is grammatically incorrect (GBTV Launches It’s First Reality Show – Independence U.S.A).   Note to Beck:  "Its" in that context is possessive.  No apostrophe required.
Whether the Republic continues to endure or does not is not an outcome that rests squarely in the hands of any one man but rather in all of our hands.    As the song says....

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