Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something Akin to Rain on Your Wedding Day

The Missus surprised me Monday night with her desire to watch a bit of the Notre Dame/Alabama BCS Championship Game.  Hell of a game.  The Lords of college football must be really happy that they  waited close to six weeks after the regular season's end to put on that turkey.  For Notre Dame, the first and last thing that went right on Monday night was winning the opening coin toss.  Smartly, Coach Kelly opted to kick off in order to put his strongest unit - his defense (it was ranked #1 nationally in about a gazillion categories this season) - on the field first.  It took Alabama less than three minutes to score the first of its six touchdowns.  

And for the ND faithful who went to bed Monday night whining and awakened Tuesday morning whining about the penalty call that accompanied Notre Dame's first offensive possession (ended in a punt) and wiped out a fumble by Alabama's punt returner - as if that call changed the outcome of the game - get a grip.  Notre Dame spent four quarters unable to tackle on defense and unable to execute on offense.  For my good friend Jeff Swanson, for Doc Rud and the rest of the Irish faithful, your football team had a season that I for one - from the vantage point of my one-win Buffaloes - envy and applaud.  However as someone who has - since that little ferret of a human being Lou Holtz was their coach -watched Notre Dame play only in the hope that they will lose by the largest margin possible, I thank them for their effort Monday night in helping me achieve a certain level of satisfaction.  

One final note on Monday night's debacle - and this one is directed to the ESPN broadcast team:  Enough with the creepy, incredibly inappropriate references to A.J. McCarron's girlfriend.  I do not know how old Kirk Herbstreit is but Brent Musberger is old enough to have filled out his initial AARP membership application at or about the same time as Katherine Webb's parents filled out her birth certificate.  His "want a piece of candy little girl?" lecherous old dude routine was beyond the pale.  

While your attention was fixed upon the happenings in South Beach this week, you might have missed the news item from the Chicago area regarding the life and death of Urooj Khan.  Mr. Khan unwittingly became an example of an Alanis Morissette song lyric in late July 2012.  He had purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket for $1.00 in June, 2012, which ticket won him $1 Million.  Having opted for the "lump sum" award as opposed to the annuity, on July 19, 2012 the Illinois State Comptroller issued him a check in the amount of (approximately) $425,000.  On July 20, 2012 Khan died suddenly.  On August 15, 2012 the $425,000 check was cashed, presumably by his Estate.

His death was initially determined to have been from natural causes. However, a relative asked authorities to look a bit deeper because Khan had been in good health and was only forty-six years old when he died.  The further investigation revealed that Khan's death was not natural at all.  The cause of death:  Cyanide poisoning.  Khan's death is now being investigated as a homicide.     

Note to self:  If I win $1 Million lottery prize, my first expenditure shall be a food-taster....

....and if necessary so shall the the second expenditure.  


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