Saturday, January 26, 2013

On the Mark

This is a space where often silliness abounds.  It is also a space where often - likely more often than it would have to if the world was not populated by a seemingly unending supply of ass hats - anger is expressed.  Today it is neither.  

While I have a bottomless reservoir of self-loathing fueled principally by how it is I earn a living, the practice of law has given me the opportunity to get to know some really outstanding people.  And to the surprise of no one I am sure, many of those folks are not themselves lawyers.   For instance, by virtue of work I do for individual policyholders of one insurance company I have had the chance to work with really first-rate human beings.  Folks who remained a source of counsel and consolation to me when I spent my "Winter at the Reservoir" four years ago and devoted a significant portion of my day-to-day to scheming up ways to end my own life in a manner that would neither arouse suspicion nor impact upon the ability of Margaret and the kids to collect the proceeds of my life insurance policies.  Believe me, I am much more valuable dead than alive. 

Earlier this week one of those really good people - Mark - endured a very harrowing experience.  At or about 2:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning the carbon monoxide detectors in his home began to sound.  He and his family awakened and moved to safety.  When emergency personnel arrived - including the local fire department - the carbon monoxide levels in his home were measured at 990 ppm, which is far above a level that is considered lethal.  The cause of the problem was believed to be the furnace, which was not venting properly or some such thing (I wrote those words as if I know what any of them - after furnace - actually mean). 

Mark's life - and the life of every member of his family - was saved by their decision to install carbon monoxide detectors in their home.  I do not know what type of detectors Mark has in his home but the Missus and I have these.  They are inexpensive.  They are easy to install.  And maybe, just maybe, they will save your life.  

I live my life according to the mantra first force-fed to me by the great Frank "Hanklin" Gonzales:  


The Five Ps are no joke.  Just this week, adherence to them saved the life of a really good man and the lives of his loved ones.  Preparation costs very little.  Lack of preparation?  It costs more than you would ever want to have to pay.  .  


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