Thursday, January 17, 2013

Me and Del Were Singing....

As I write this I am awaiting confirmation from the good folks who run the New Jersey Marathon (I do not hold them responsible for the fact that the stretch of Ocean Avenue that connects Long Branch and Asbury Park is essentially a ghost town in early May) that they have processed my request to convert my entry for the 2013 Marathon into one for the 2013 Half-Marathon.  I presume that they will not object to my request - given that they charged me $15.00 for the privilege of running half as far.   As my great, great-grandpa Phineas used to say, "Joke 'em if they can't take a f*ck!"  One colorful cat, old G Squared P Phineas was.  One colorful cat indeed. 

The notion of running a marathon in forty-eight days has not yet sunk in entirely.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I think that it has not because by compressing and accelerating the training regimen for the race, I am actually saving some wear and tear on my legs.  I only started "formal" preparation seventeen days ago and I have already logged back-to-back long training runs of sixteen miles on each of the past two Sundays.  This Sunday I am going to tweak the program a bit to go at least eighteen, rather than the scheduled seventeen, so that I can bump up to twenty miles by January's final Sunday.  Presuming all goes according to Hoyle, I shall be able to bank two twenty mile preparatory runs in anticipation of race day (back-to-back weekends on January 27 and February 2) and still leave myself sufficient time to taper down for marathon Sunday.

Someone much brighter than I (talk about a list of endless possibilities) once observed what happens to the best-laid plans of mice and men.  I hope that does not befall me this time around.   If it does again this year then it might well be time for me to face that fact that the distance is simply more than my body can sustain.  We shall see....

....and with only forty-eight days between today and Central Park Marathon day, we shall see pretty damn quick indeed.


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