Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magic In My Eyes....

I am a participant in what amounts to a colossal sucker bet this morning.  The Missus prevailed upon me to accompany her on an appointment to her eye doctor and to have an eye exam myself.  Candidly I do not know what I was thinking when I said "Yes" but I know as soon as the word escaped my lips she was on the  phone with his office booking me a 10:15 visit.  My whole life I have known that I talk too goddamn much.  I  never suspected - given my tendency to say too many words - that it would be a single word that would prove to be my downfall.  

Margaret's eye doctor practices out of an office so well-appointed and so swank that it appears as if he has never met a person who has not needed glasses.  Thus, I reasonably expect that today I shall join the ranks of the bespectacled.   Fortunately Margaret's eye guy is first-rate.  Do not take my word for it:  ask him.  He is the source of my knowledge regarding his renown and expertise.  In the interest of full disclosure - and to avoid pissing off my wife should she happen to read this - she raves about him as well, which is the only reason I agreed to the appointment.  

Regardless of the die that has been cast my goal for this morning is to leave his office the proud owner of only one set of "required to wear" glasses:  my Polarized Ray-Ban Wayfarers, a traveling companion that has served me well since time immemorial.  If I am able to pull off that trick, for my next one I shall pull a monkey out of my ass or some such thing....

....on the plus side, when I pull it out of my ass I shall be able to see it.  That would be a nice change of pace I suppose.


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