Monday, January 14, 2013

Lie Strong, Lie Long Lance Armstrong

If the information "leaked" through the Associated Press the past several days is accurate then at some point today the world-famous pathological liar Lance Armstrong will sit down with Oprah Winfrey and do something to this point in his life he has shown little ability to do:  tell the truth.  The fact that he has been on too many occasions to count had just such an opportunity - in sworn testimony - and not only failed to avail himself of it but has instead repeated his oft-told tale.  You know the story:  Lance Armstrong as victim of relentless persecution.  Lance Armstrong as a victim of the jealousy and envy of others.  
Lance Armstrong might just well be the most despicable fraud to ever compete in athletic competition.  The zeal with which he fought to protect his falsely-secured legacy has long established his place in the annals of those who are beneath contempt.  He trumpeted his innocence while he knew that he was not.   He would have to become a far better person than he is presently to rise to the level of being a piece of human garbage.
According to the Associated Press item, the interview Oprah conducts with Armstrong today will be aired on Thursday.  I for one shall not watch it.  F*ck you Mr. Armstrong.  Hope on your goddamn bicycle and pedal the hell on out of here.

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