Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gas Up The Zamboni!

For reasons known only to the Lords of the NHL they opted to spend the past four months treating their players not as their partners ("Hey we need each other to make lots of money!") but instead as their enemies.    Other than screwing those of us who love hockey out of the sport for the first four scheduled months of the 2012-13 season, it is difficult to see what was gained from the NHL lockout that finally resolved itself this past weekend.  Well, it is difficult for me to see anyway.  For an intelligent examination of the issues, you can read here or, if you prefer, here.  

As a Rangers fan, I care simply that it means that there will in fact be a 2013 season.  Last May the Broadway Blues fell to the Devils in a quite spirited, six-game Eastern Conference Final.  If their collective health holds and if King Henrik's cat-like reflexes have not diminished then there is a reasonable likelihood that they could make it at least as far this season.  Ten days ago, I thought it was more likely that I would see this Nash perform at MSG before I would see this Nash do so (wearing a Rangers sweater for the first time).  Now I take comfort in knowing that shall not be the case.  No offense meant Graham.  

The losers in this nonsense - as always - were the fans.  Not to be outdone however were all of the folks who earn their living in and around the arenas where professional sports - such as NHL hockey - are typically contested all winter.  There were no tickets to take, no cars to park, no beers to pour and no Nedick's hot dogs to sell.  For those among that number who were wholly dependent on the income realized from Day One of the typical NHL season, the season-saving negotiation session that resulted in a cessation of hostilities this past week came a little late.  Only 113 days or so.

I lack the wiring to not root like hell for the Rangers as long as hockey is going to be played.  I know that each and every dollar I contribute towards their coffers only further empowers the mouth-breeding slugs who  own NHL franchises but I am a slave to my DNA.  Damn you James Dolan.  

If I might be so bold as to offer a suggestion to the Lords of the NHL:  At season's end when the Stanley Cup is presented on ice to the captain of the Cup-winning team (and if there is in fact an ephemeral, all-knowing deity that captain shall be Ryan Callahan), the one doing the presenting should not be NHL Commissioner Bettman.  Rather it should be Scot L. Beckenbaugh.  For without him, there would be no 2013 season....

....and no Cup to present.  


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