Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday Morning in Curmudgeon's Corner

An observation as we finally arrive (unofficially in my experience) at the end of the first work week of 2013.  I am cooked.  And today, Friday, is for all intent and purposes really Wednesday.  At this rate, by this time next Thursday I am going to walking around looking for people to punch in the larynx.   Here on the year's first Friday I am spent.  Hoping to stop by here and pick up a profound observation to share with your friends throughout the rest of the day?  First things first.  Whatever it is you are smoking I hope you brought enough for the rest of the class.  Profundity does not happen here.  Second things second (they would like to be first but the first things always beat them somehow).  It is simply not happening for you today sweet cheeks.  Today you get random observations from Curmudgeon Corner.
I am a registered Republican.  The next time I hear some GOP politico offer a half-baked explanation for why Mitt Romney fared as well on Election Day as the Romney family's dog did on long car rides I am going to ask them to shut the f*ck up and watch Governor Chris Christie's remarks demolishing House Speaker John Boehner and the rest of the d*ck-smoking, mouth-breeding skunks from the GOP who populate the House of Representatives like bedbugs and who pulled an eleventh-hour screw job on my fellow tri-staters from New Jersey, New York and Connecticut regarding voting on the bill needed to deliver billions of dollars in Federal aid to those who got their lives obliterated by Hurricane Sandy. 
Chris Christie is not everyone's cup of tea.  I have siblings whose opinions I value and whose points of view on any number of topics I put great stock in who disagree with me absolutely in my support of pro-Christie point of view.  However I think they agreed with me that earlier this week when he called out Boehner and his cronies for their "callous indifference" he hit it right on the head.  And if Christie is not your guy - or you were watching Fox News Channel and were unaware as they apparently were that he had made the remarks he made - then take a look and a listen at the remarks New York Congressman Pete King - a Republican from Long Island - made on Wednesday night.  You know why the GOP got stomped again in the Presidential election this year?  Because we fucking deserved it. 
I love to run.  I hate to train for marathons.  Once one signs up for a race of this distance, running becomes less of a pursuit and much more of a job or - as Doc Rud used to call it - a "voluntary obligatory".  Thus the appeal to me of signing up for a marathon to be run slightly less than eight weeks from the date on which I registered:  less time to grow to hate the training regimen.  On the flip side, much greater likelihood of getting frostbite or hypothermia while training for the race but toes grow back.  Right?  I have fairly short, squat fingers and toes so if I do lose any I will just pop on over to the A&P for a package of Vienna Sausages.  They approximate the size and shape fairly well and they taste better when you lick them. 
As much as I love college football I loathe what has become the endless parade of bowl games.  New Year's Day used to be my favorite holiday.  This year?  I hardly watched any college gridiron action at all.  I was happy that I watched the South Carolina/Michigan game for although U of M, which is one of my favorite schools, lost a heartbreaker in the final ten seconds to the Gamecocks, it was a terrific, exciting, well-played game between two well-coached teams.  It also featured one of the most astounding hits I have ever seen delivered by one player to another.  Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina, while tackling Michigan running back Vincent Smith in the backfield, hit Smith with such force that not only did Smith fumble the ball (the fact his heart remained in his chest was no small accomplishment) but Smith's helmet came off of his head and sailed backwards.   It landed approximately seven yards away.  One more thing.  Clowney not only forced the fumble.  He recovered it.  
'Twas the week of the bitch slap all right.  The only one who did nothing to deserve it?  Vincent Smith.  He was simply doing his job.   Yet another reason one will never mistake young Mr. Smith for Boehner and the rest of his cretins in the House is Smith's toughness.  Sure, he got run over.  But unlike Boehner, he picked himself up.  

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