Friday, January 11, 2013

For Soul Engines Running Through The Night So Tender

Clarence "Big Man" Clemons died in June 2011 shortly after he had suffered a stroke.  Had he lived, today he would be celebrating his 71st birthday.  Shortly before the end of 2012 New Jersey State Senator Jen Beck - a Republican from Monmouth County - sponsored a resolution declaring that January 11th shall be "Clarence Clemons Day" in New Jersey.  The Senate approved the resolution and presuming the Assembly does likewise it will likely land on the desk of the world's biggest Springsteen fan (in girth if not in anything else) who happens to be an elected official, Governor Christie, at some point in February.   Given the Governor's affinity for all things Springsteen (musically if not politically), it is reasonable to presume that he will move with cat-like quickness to sign it.  

If you are someone - as I am - for whom the music of Bruce Springsteen is a significant portion of the soundtrack of your life, then Clarence Clemons is a man who made an indelible impression on you.  We the people who loved listening to him play his sax (never the half notes right Liv?) and cavort around on stage with Springsteen will never be without him.  He is ingrained in us - as is his music.  The passage of time shall not change that.  Neither shall his not being here to blow out the candles.

Happy Birthday Big Man....


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