Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For the Queen of Bedrock

William P. (Senior) and Joan Kenny dropped a half-dozen children into this world.  All of us have in fact reached adulthood - although I suppose that the jury is still out on just how successfully I did or did not complete the journey.  In my defense (as if) I am the youngest of the sextet.  Perhaps I still have some more growing up to do.  In view of the fact that my last growth "spurt" occurred more than three decades ago, the breath I hold waiting for the next one shall not be my own.  

Today Kenny Child #5, my sister Jill, celebrates a birthday.   Jill is slightly more than two years older than I am.  It occurred to me - while I was be-bopping all over the joint on Sunday morning in the completion of my 16-mile training run for the Central Park Marathon - that it was not until I was in 11th grade that I went to school without her.  I was a high school junior before I was flying solo for the first time, unencumbered by and unprotected by the presence of my sister.  I missed the back-and-forth so much that when it was time to go to college, I shuffled off to become a Colorado Buffalo, which became Jill's Alma mater two years before it became my own.  

As human beings go, Jill takes up a disproportionately small amount of space here on the Big Blue Marble.  Pound-for-pound however she might be the toughest person I know.  Ask any medical professional in the greater Jupiter, Florida area who has ever treated Joanie K. just how unfortunate a life choice it is to end up on Jill's bad side.  

I know not what the human dynamo has on tap for her birthday today.  I hope she takes a moment or two to relax.  And to celebrate.  

Happy Birthday Wilma....


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