Friday, January 25, 2013

Flying Time and Pounding Pavement

We have arrived at January's final Friday already.  Seems - to me at least - as if this first month of 2013 has flown past.  Time flies when you are in the dead of winter?  Not usually.  At least not in my experience anyway.  Nevertheless by this time next week January will be but a memory, having ceded the spotlight to the best albeit shortest month on the calendar.  You wanna talk smack about February?  We have Super Bowl Sunday, President's Day, Valentines' Day and our own effing mascot for crying out loud.  

This year February shall bring with it my now-annual attempt at a very public suicide.  The first-ever Central Park Marathon is thirty days away.   When I checked out the web site earlier this week I was pleased to discover that the course map is now posted there.  Gee, at this scale it does not seem as if five loops of the park should take very long at all.   At the risk of sounding like a geek, a course that takes its runners past a landmark such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and through Strawberry Fields gets me pretty jazzed.  

I would also be lying if I did not acknowledge that a finish line in such close proximity to Tavern on the Green did not also make me smile....until I read that Tavern is closed and is not slated to re-open until this summer. Damn.  The race starts at 8:00 a.m.  By the time I finish the bar most likely would have been open, which would have served two purposes.  First, it would have provided me with a convenient location for my post-marathon Guinness.  Second, it would have given me an easy place to locate Margaret post-race.  

Thus far this winter the weather has been more cooperative than not vis-a-vis my marathon training regimen.    The schedule calls for an eighteen-mile run this weekend, which if the doom and gloom squad (also known as the local TV weather folks) are right might be a bit trying.  Thus far also my plan to compress sixteen weeks of race preparation into eight to save some wear and tear on my legs has gone according to Hoyle.  Each of the past two years I have felt my body break down at some point in the eleventh or twelfth week of training.  My solution?  Eliminate weeks nine through sixteen.  Whether it shall work is a question that I cannot answer presently.  Check back with me in thirty days.  I will have a much clearer perspective then. 


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