Saturday, January 5, 2013

Five More To A Score

Fifteen years ago today I joined the law firm where I presently work.  In a development befitting the occasion, the anniversary of my arrival falls on a Saturday and I honor it by spending my morning where I spend the overwhelming majority of my Saturdays - at the office.  And today's celebration shall be an intimate affair, attended by only me and the two Partners of mine who I see almost every Saturday morning.  Thanks for coming Alan and Arnold.  Coffee is on in the kitchen.  How fresh it is depends upon your arrival time.  I made it when I arrived this morning at 4:30.  It might be a bit chewy by now but since there is no food in the kitchen feel free to think of it as more than simply a cup of coffee.  Breakfast perhaps? 

I have spent my professional life in the practice of law.  It is perhaps my sole contribution to the outstanding adults that Suzanne and Rob grew up to become that I exercised all of my considerable influence when they were young to talk them out of ever pursuing a career in the law.  I need not have worried about it as much as I did.  Both of them are whip-smart.  Both knew by age twelve or so that this was not a career they wished to pursue.  They take after their mother those two.  There is your proof. 

The likelihood exists that I am among the minority of members of the Bar in that I do not consider the fact that I earn my living in the way that I do to be especially compelling - and certainly nothing that rises to the level of one who generates nothing but odorless poop.  At last count, upwards of ninety thousand people were licensed by the State of New Jersey to practice law.  Ninety thousand.  Any club that has ninety thousand members in it cannot be terribly difficult to join.  I am your proof.  

In the two decades or so that I have earned my living as I have, it is a living I have earned in four different locations - including one decidedly disappointing turn approximately four years ago that lasted for not more than four months.  Without exception, where I hang up my jacket every morning is the best of those spots.  I loathe the practice of law as an intellectually-crippling exercise.  Yet it most certainly has its benefits. It pays the mortgage and a whole host of other bills too.  This fall, it will ensure that the only daughter I shall ever have shall have the wedding day that she and Ryan absolutely deserve.  It may very well be an evil but it has proven itself to be an indispensable one.  

It is my lot in life to do what I do.  And there is simply nowhere I would rather do it than right here - a good shop populated by good folks.  I intend to be here until they throw me out.  Thankfully, given my complete absence of other skills, they have not yet seen fit to do so.

Fifteen years and counting. 


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