Thursday, January 24, 2013

At the Point of Intersection Between Life & Jackson Browne

With the trace of a smile and that defiant look in her eye 
She hurtled through space in a world of her own 
And turning aside my caress spoke of all that she'd not yet done 
As if I was the doubting one who would have to be shown

But on that freeway the light was receding 
Her beauty, a sight so misleading 
But I failed to hear the heart that was beating alone 

Jackson Browne is an artist who occupies a small amount of space in the jukebox of my life.  While there is a  significant portion of his catalog for which I have little feeling one way or the other, a number of his songs are among those pieces of music that I liked at first listen and for which time has not caused my affections to become attenuated.  

Slightly more than a decade ago, Browne released a CD entitled "The Naked Ride Home" on which my favorite track - and it remains one of my favorite Jackson Browne songs - "My Stunning Mystery Companion" appears.   The CD also contains the title track.  On Monday afternoon, while working on a day on which the courts were closed in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and apparently scant few other offices (at least among attorneys with whom I interact) were open, I spent a moment on the site in an effort to catch up on the day's events. 

Upon clicking onto the site, among the headlines on its home page was "Drunk driver didn't know she was naked, Sparta cops say".  Given that "drunk", "driver" and "naked" are a trio of words that in my experience occur not too frequently at all in the same news headline, I did what the morbidly curious and blissfully amoral do - I clicked on the story.  In doing so I learned the rather curious tale of 36-year-old Catherine Giaquinto of Warwick, New York.  If you are able to read it (a) without SALTS and perhaps even LOL; and (b) without running a Google image search in an effort to see what she looks like, then you are a better person than I am.  But I suspect you already knew that to be true.  I certainly did.  

It is clear from the lyrics that Mr. Browne did not write this particular tune to serve as the soundtrack for a woman driving intoxicated, unclothed and alone through the back woods of northern New Jersey but as the saying goes, "If the shoe fits wear it".

Then again maybe not.  It is a matter of personal preference.  Just ask Ms. Giaquinto....


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