Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Girl. A Gift. A Birthday....

Today deep in the heart of the great state of Texas, Suzanne shall celebrate her birthday.  It is almost unfathomable to me that the same little girl who used to request a Big Bunny performance piece as part of her nightly bedtime routine is twenty-eight.   Or to think that the little moppet who tilted and whirled on the Boardwalk at Point Pleasant with Rob and me is a woman who is "all growed up".

I would ask where the time has gone but I know the answer.  It has gone where time always goes - into the fiber and the fabric of each and every day that she has lived between those days and these days.

By the time the calendar circles back around to the same time next year she shall be married.  Big doings going on this year in our little corner of the world.  In slightly more than seven months (seven months and one week from today to be precise but who is counting?  That question was rhetorical by the by), Suzanne and Ryan shall be wed.  It is an event that brings so much happiness into the little charred ember in my chest that masquerades as a heart that I not only smile when I think of it, I smile as I write about it.  

Suzanne is one-third of the greatest gift that any person has ever received or shall ever receive.  Without her, Rob and Margaret I would merely exist.  I would not have a life.  It is among my greatest joys that she transitioned from the amazing little girl she was into the extraordinary woman she is without me doing any irreparable harm to her.   She is her mother's daughter.  It is the greatest gift she has ever received.  It is a gift that has served her well.  It shall continue to serve her well.  And speaking from personal experience, it shall serve Ryan well also each and every day of their life together.

Happy Birthday honey.  Keep on wishing.



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