Monday, December 24, 2012

Veils and Tears

I do not know Greg Lake.  No set of circumstances presently occupies space in any corner of my mind that suggests to me a scenario by which he and I would ever be in one another's company.  Yet I am willing to wager that when Lake uttered those words as the final lyrics sung in "I Believe in Father Christmas", which is one of my favorite pop/rock performer Christmas songs, he never foresaw a day on which someone would attempt to corrupt not only his words but the sentiment behind them. 
Yet this year in these United States individuals have undertaken just such an effort.  From coast-to-coast - all the way from Oregon to Connecticut - those with malice towards all and charity towards none have slain innocents.   Whether those left to mourn a loved one's loss at another's hands have had several months to prepare or - in the case of the twenty-six families added to the roll call of "Next of Kin" in Newtown Connecticut ten days ago - have likely not even had sufficient time to make it through grief's first phase yet, they are most assuredly not getting this year the Christmas that they deserve.  They may never in fact see its arrival again.
This year has been an incredible grind.  It is my hope that all of us are presented the opportunity to spend it in the company of at least some of those who we love most of all.  In a calendar year where good will towards men has been in periliously short supply, this is a year in which it might serve us well to believe.  To believe in the possibility of hearts that heal irrespective of the amount of pain searing through them at this very moment.  To believe that perhaps - finally - we have reached the furthermost, heretofore thought to be unattainable depths of the darkness of humanity and that what awaits all of us is the hope of a coming dawn.   To believe in Father Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Never doubt for a moment that you deserve it.  We all do.... 
....each and every one of us.  



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