Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Too Must End....

Very early this morning - so early in fact that I (someone whose alarm clock goes off at 3:00 o'clock in the AM to shake me out of bed and on my way to work) will actually awaken earlier than I do on a typical Wednesday morning - Suzanne and Ryan shall board a plane taking them to their "for present purposes" home in Texas.  The time they spend in these parts always seems to pass too damn fast.  I reckon that phenomenon is not likely to ever change. 

The next time I lay eyes on either of them shall be after the first of the coming year.  That means of course that by the time I see them next we no longer shall be speaking of the distance between that particular day and their wedding day in terms of years but instead in terms of months.  2013's very first Sunday is January 6.  2013's most-anticipated Friday is September 6.  Not a lot of sixes in between; eh?   

Much to do between this date and that date.  First order of business is a critically important one:  getting them from New Jersey to Texas safe and sound.  


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