Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Their Future Is Our Present

While the Missus and I were spending our Saturday evening at McCarter Theatre in Princeton enjoying that house's production of "A Christmas Carol", Rob and Jess were having a dramatic moment of their own.  Shortly after the curtain fell on Saturday night's performance of "Almost, Maine" - in which Jess was one of the quartet of featured performers who played nineteen or twenty parts between them - Rob decided to trod the boards himself.  And with apologies to both staged dramas referred to in this paragraph - for I have seen both in person and can attest to the extraordinary quality of both - Rob proved again that unscripted drama far exceeds even the best of the scripted variety.   He proposed.  Jess accepted.  And the rest - for the two of them - shall be history.  One I hope that is written in peals of joyous laughter.  

This morning the Missus and I shall welcome Christmas into our home.  Her father Joe shall be with us of course.  And with us as well shall be the quartet who represent the future of this familial operation.  For all that 2012 wrought that shall make it a year that goes down in infamy for many, it shall also be a year that shall hold forever a special place in the little charcoal chip that I call a heart.  It is the year that the two who Margaret and I love more than any others found their two.  

It is the year that the two extraordinary young people who Margaret raised - and I assure you that I am being neither false nor modest when I say my contributions were limited principally to driving the car and making sure that adequate fundage existed to pay for what that which was necessary - took the next big step in their lives.  The step at which one realizes that when you find that one who you love completely and absolutely, you have indeed found the one with whom you want to build a Life.  When the line between plurality and singularity becomes blurred sufficiently that two become one, you have arrived at your destination.  This year Suzanne and Ryan arrived at that point in mid-September.  And just in time for Christmas, Jess and Rob arrived at that point this past Saturday.  

Life is a journey, not a destination.  When you find the one with whom you want to make it, you are well on your way.  As 2012 draws to a close, I take comfort in knowing that Suzanne and Rob are well on their way.

Margaret and I awakened this morning and saw the future....

....and there is not a spot in the world from which the view is any better. 

Merry Christmas. 


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