Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saddle Time

Today kicks off the final month of the year....the 2012 edition.  Happy December!  Only six months until May! Only however many the hell shopping days there are until Christmas.  Knowing the answer to that question would imply caring what it is.  I do not.  And I do not. 

More important than all of that is this.  Today is the birthday of the first-born of my three sisters.  Evan was the tip of the spear on the distaff side in the Kenny clan.  I hope that she has one hellaciously fine birthday.  I am quite certain that she and the Mister have something excellent on tap and here is to her enjoying every single moment of it. 

I must admit - all these years after my childhood ended (well technically if not in practical effect) that I never quite understood the importance of horses in my biggest sister's life when I was a little kid and we were living ten miles beyond the middle of nowhere in places where people kept horses as pets. 

I also never quite figured out if she was clinically insane or merely brave every time she mounted one of the "steeds" that Mom and Dad (although I suspect that most of the credit and/or blame rests with the latter) found for her.  She was about as thin as a nickel and yet allowed herself to be placed in a saddle on the back of animals with names like "Diablo" and "Hooved Death".  OK, I made that second one up but I am pretty damn sure she owned a horse named "Diablo".  My parents were quite the linguists.   Buy their little girl a horse whose soon-to-be former owner named "THE DEVIL".  The only two New York City kids in the history of the 20th Century who avoided learning even a modicum of Spanish apparently. 

Evan survived Mom/Dad's best equine intentions.  She did more than survive them.  She came through them all pretty damn fine.  Now she not only enjoys quality time with a horse she loves who was born wholly devoid of homicidal intentions she also gets to spend it with a husband she loves and children and grandchildren whom she adores....and who love and adore her right back. 

Happy Birthday Ev!  Enjoy the ride.


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