Tuesday, December 18, 2012

One Wish To Grant....

Given how horribly it went for parents and families not too damn far at all from where the Missus and I reside here in the State of Concrete Gardens, I feel more than a modicum of guilt about the fact they this weekend we were able to enjoy the first parts of Suzanne and Ryan's great Christmas migration north and east from Texas. 

Margaret and Suz spent a considerable portion of Sunday shopping 'til they dropped.  The afternoon was spent as half of a quartet on a mission to find dresses for Suzanne's bridesmaids (two of the three - Nicole and Ashley accompanied them), which mission they apparently accomplished in some sort of bridal-store record-setting time.  Then after dinner they shifted gears into the Christmas shopping part of the program - again accompanied by Ashley.  I spent my afternoon watching the Falcons repay the Giants for Sherman's March to the Sea.  I spent my Sunday evening dog-sitting a couple of playmates Ashley brought over to hang out with Rosie.  At least my evening was enjoyable. 

One week from today is Christmas.  Yesterday little children were buried in Connecticut.  I reckon that between this day and Christmas Day those who still need to be laid to rest shall be buried as well.  The pain this living brings will resonate with those directly affected by it long after the last-remaining mourner has laid his flower at a grave site.   

I did not take any of their children from them.  Nor do I possess the power to bring them back.  If only I did.  If only any of us did.  A Christmas wish that we would happily grant....

....irrespective of one's position on the big man's "naughty or nice" list.


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