Saturday, December 22, 2012

Night of the Three Tenses

Sometimes my ability to overcome my own inherent laziness astounds and surprises even me.  The smart money would have been on waiting until the witching hour of 11:11 a.m. on 12/21/12 had come and gone to see if there remained here a (cyber) space that needed to be filled.   I did not.  Unlike the one I enjoy with the Missus (I would love to say that she enjoys it too but I suspect that "endures" it is a more apt description), I have never had much of a relationship with "smart money".  

This evening Margaret and I shall be at McCarter Theatre in Princeton to see the Theatre's production of "A Christmas Carol".  We first saw it in 2010 and tonight will mark our third consecutive trek to see it.  It is - I suppose - a "tradition".  At the very least it is in the nascent stages of becoming one. 

For reasons that my whip-smart daughter would likely attribute to some long-undiagnosed mental health issue perpetually confronting me, we are going this year as we have the past two years on the Saturday night before Christmas, which is by deliberate design.  I suspect that somewhere in the recesses of my addled mind the part of my brain that craves order and rejects randomness is the driving force behind my ticket-purchasing decision.   

I know less about "the theatre" than any adult human being alive (and truth be told a significant percentage of those of the dead persuasion as well).  However, I know that each of the past two Christmases this event has been a highlight for me.  I not only enjoy the show but at some level it seems as if I need to see it. 

And tonight I shall. 


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