Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holding Onto One Another As They Go....

With all due respect to Father Time, Baby New Year, Auld Lang Syne and Ryan Seacrest, the holiday season is already over.  I need not concern myself with dropping balls - well perhaps one day I shall have to but mercifully neither is the size of the one in Times Square (or nearly as sparkly either) - and countdown clocks.   

What was a simply terrific time bade farewell today when the second set of future newlyweds made their way to the airport for the (not quite all the way) cross-country jaunt back to Colorado's Front Range.  Life awaits Jess and Rob back in their Colorado home.  And let us not forget Tillie either.  She has been without her beloved humans for almost a week now.   I am not certain how the conversion rate works from human weeks to dog weeks - having sought the sanctuary of a career in the law to escape the travails of hard math - but I doubt not at all that she will be beyond ecstatic to see them.

I know that I always am.  But I am happier still knowing that while a piece of each of them shall always be here in the State of Concrete Gardens for as long as those of us who love them and those who they love are here, their flight today carries them to the best possible place....



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